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Foodie Adventures - Wicked Maine Lobster

August 27, 2018

 Behold - the GLORIOUS Lobster Food Truck



I stumbled across this place at Liberty Station (which by the way just might be my new favorite place) - from coffee shops to eateries to clothing & jewelry - oh and let's not forget, BOBA - this place really has it all!


They're obviously known for their signature Lobster Roll - so I did get that... BUT I also got the Lobster Mac n' Cheese and I asked for it in a bread bowl - because why not?! Hehe 🙊



Keep calm and eat Lobstah


They usually have clam or crab chowder but I thought my Lobster Mac n Cheese would be extra fun in a bread bowl 💁


But speaking of clam chowder, there's this one place up in NorCal called ​Monterey Clam Chowder where they got the OG Chowder in a cup! It looks like you're holding a cup o' coffee but low and behold... it's CHOWDA 😍



Happiest with FOOD

 Here's me - happy as can be!

Wicked Maine Lobster's food quality is INSANE! You have the option to get the Lobster Rolls served either warm or chilled - you honestly can't go wrong. But me, I prefer my lobster rolls chilled. With Mayo. Extra mayo puhlease! I'm glad I got two things because after eating one roll, I naturally wanted MORE! Or maybe that's just me being greedy 😋


Also - pretty exciting news: you can also find Wicked Maine Lobster at Little Italy's Food Hall


If you know of any good lobster places, please let me know (from one foodie to another 🍴).


Until next week's foodie adventure friends ✌️





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