• Stephanie Tan

Paradise Found in St. Lucia at the Calabash Cove

I think I've literally found a piece paradise! Tucked away on the north west coast of the island lies the Calabash Cove Resort and Spa. On the way to the resort, you have stunning views of the island. Let me tell you the people of St. Lucia are some of the most genuine and beautiful people - not much to not be happy about on the island. Hehe, but in all seriousness, I have never met such kind people :)

Right when you arrive, they welcome you with their special cocktail! 🍹What a way to kick off your vacation!

I'll cheers to that! 🥂

The Calabash Cove is one of St. Lucia's all inclusive resorts - so if you're looking for all inclusive hotels in St. Lucia, check this one out! Also, if you've never had an all inclusive vacation, you should 100% change that - it's absolutely amazing. Pretty much, it sounds like what it is - you pay a total which includes your lodging, meals & other food & drinks and in-room dining. If you like to indulge in both food & drinks on your vacation, you might wanna consider an all-inclusive resort for your next trip! I swear it's life-changing.

The Calabash Cove is perfectly located right on the beach, and the views from your suite are STUNNING. It overlooks the gorgeous ocean and you have a huge swimming pool with one of those highly-instagrammable infinity edges! Not to mention, they have a swim-up pool bar. YES - they have a bar in the pool! It's not to hard to spend your entire day at the resort (let alone the pool 😋💦).

Unparalleled views from your room!

Okay, so you guys know my favorite past-time (no, not traveling), but my other favorite past-time: EATING.

So you could say I definitely indulged a little - fine, you guys know me too well - A LOT 🙊

Without further ado, here are some photos of the food that was very quickly consumed:

The hotel has an authentic Caribbean charm combined with luxurious amenities. Apart from the infinity pool, there's a magical spa with every treatment you could possibly imagine! And my personal favorite, your own private beach! You can pretty much spend ALL day here! ☀️

Did I mention you have direct access to the beach? 🏖 Also, they have kayaks and paddle boards readily available down by the water :) so you can kayak and paddle board your little hearts out! 🚣🏻‍♂️🌊☀️

That little dot out at sea is me - paddling my heart out 😊

The first thing my mom asked me when I sent her this photo was "are there any sharks 🦈 there?!" 🙈 To which I informed her, "no there are not."

Just steps away from the beach, my days at Calabash consisted of early mornings with coffee, sunrise paddle boarding, breakfast, pool, lunch, beach, sunset kayak, followed by drinks, dinner & more drinks!


Safe to say I fell in love with Calabash Cove!


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