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5 Must See Things in St. Lucia

The Beautiful Island of St. Lucia

Looking for a magical tropical island getaway with sandy beaches and the most beautiful mountains in the background? I honestly couldn't have dreamt up this place. Whether you're looking for some serious adventure or if you're a hiker, beach-goer, naturalist - from mountains to volcano (cool fact - it's the world's only drive-in volcano), pristine beaches to rainforests - St. Lucia truly does have it all!


I had a serious last-minute trip to St. Lucia - you guys, I'm talking 5 days from actually going kind of last minute. And I was fortunate enough to spend a whole week on this gorgeous island. So with not too much time to plan, I was able to check out these 5 must-see and must-do things on the island (you know, besides the beach). Most resorts have their own little beach - the resort I stayed at is called the Calabash Cove, an amazing resort tucked away on the northern tip of the island 😍 That in itself was another experience - I'll have to write a separate blog post on the resort because believe it or not - it was hard to leave the resort itself!

If you manage to pull yourself away from your hotel's beach, be sure to check out Rodney bay! It's in the Gros Islet quarter on the island. It's a gorgeous beach and it's surrounded by local bars, authentic restaurants, shopping and night life.

1. The Pitons The Pitons are by far the most famous landmark of St. Lucia and is unique to the island. They are these incredible mountainous volcanic spires just on the water located near the town of Soufrière.

The Pitons are now dormant volcanoes - Gros and Petit Piton. If you'd like you can even hike the trail - but I did hear that it's a pretty strenuous upward trek and not for the faint of heart! Me - I admired the Pitons from the water... on a boat 🙊🌊🛳 Plus, you get to stop along the way and have some pretty epic views from the water 🤩

The water really is that blue - and that's where you snorkel too 😊💙🐠

The Catamaran

2. Castries

Be sure to check out the local market! It's one of the largest open air markets on the island and has everything from local produce to hand-crafted goods to souvenirs for you to bring home! Also - fun fact: St. Lucia's main export is BANANAS! 🍌🍌🍌 So you guess it - no monkeys on the island 🙅🏻‍♀️ hehe but you really will see a LOT of green bananas at the market 💚 It's really unique - they incorporate a lot of bananas into their cooking.

Their 2nd largest export is cocoa 🍫 so side note -- there's a chocolate plantation on the island, and not only that, but there's apparently a chocolate massage! If that's not luxury at its finest? sweetest? hehe then well I really don't know what is 😁

3. The town of Soufrière

Soufrière is a town on the West coast of St. Lucia. It's a colorful town filled with lots to do and lots to see from waterfalls to volcanoes to botanical gardens!

Their sulfur springs and mud baths are a MUST DO - I repeat, must do! Just get over the smell of sulfur (if you're not familiar with what that smells like, just think rotten eggs) because there are so many benefits to this sacred tradition including detoxification, treating sore muscles/joints and they say it makes you look 10 years younger! Hehe - hopefully it didn't make me look like I was 16 years old. It might feel strange rubbing mud all over your body (but don't worry - you get to wash it off in the hot springs and it feels AMAZING).

4. The Botanical Gardens

St. Lucia's Botanical Gardens is home to the most gorgeous and lush vegetation, plants and flowers, and not to mention Diamond Falls. There's nowhere quite like it.

5. Aerial Tram + Zip-lining

Looking for some rainforest adventure? Check out the aerial tram and why not throw in zip-lining too? The full tour is a combination of an ecotour whilst zip-lining through insane canopies - the course I did had 8 zip-lines (one right after each other) so the word I would use to describe it would be EXHILARATING.

My face before all the zip-lines 🤣- was kinda nervous but it was all peachy after the first one 🤗👍🏼

And in short, that was my week in the tropical paradise of St. Lucia!

Until next time ✌🏼


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