• Stephanie Tan

Foodie Adventures - ROYALE

Weekends are Made for Brunchin'

Let me tell you about this weekend's brunch destination - Royale. I'd say this is DEFINITELY one of the hidden gem brunch spots. This amazing little spot is located close to Point Loma and Ocean Beach and it has a really cool old school diner feel almost (would be the best way I can find to describe it). See for yourself! 

 When you're driving on Voltaire, keep your eyes peeled for this orange arrow 👀🧡↪️ 

There's plenty of street parking!  

 How cute is this old school jukebox?! 😍🎶

 Pretzely goodness 😋

Moving on to the Food 

Okay so foodie tip - this isn't on the menu but ask the burger mama, Mariah, for the pretzel. It might've just been the best pretzel I've ever had (and I've had myself a fair amount of pretzels - German pretzels, French pretzels, Auntie Anne's and of course, Wetzels Pretzels. BUT you guys, this pretzel takes them all. It's perfectly warm with just the right amount of salt, breaks apart like how all pretzels should and the doughyness of it is completely ridiculous. Plus, it comes with cheese dip 🧀🥨 Just remembering the taste of it and writing about this pretzel is making my mouth water.. 🤤

Also a really cool thing I learned is that Royale is family owned and operated and food comes from local farms - and even down to the ingredients for their craft cocktails. I'm slightly obsessed with their Tequila cocktail, which has GUAVA, lemon and mint in it 💕

The traditional Eggs Benedict is always a good go-to option. But the burger on the left is their Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich, which comes with fried egg, cheese, caramelized onions and spicy mayo - ALL of which are on a perfectly buttered brioche bun 😍🍔

Behold, the Glorious Breakfast Sandwich!

No joke you guys - I have never heard of such a delicious combo. And believe it or not, it actually tastes even better than it looks. And it looks pretty damn good

Overall, the food was outstanding and the service was amazing! Thanks for having me Royale - I'll come back anytime 🙋🏻‍♀️


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