• Stephanie Tan

If you're going to San Franciscooo ♫

City by the Bay

There’s something magical about this city. I don’t know if it’s the energy that people exude, which in turn, feeds more good energy, but you just feel that extra something in this city.

There's so much to explore! And you can find yourself stumbling across new spots each time you visit!

That’s my favorite part about San Francisco. There's Mission district, South Beach, SOMA, Nob Hill, Haight and Ashbury, FiDi, Chinatown, Embarcadero, Union Square and moving away from the city there's Napa, Sausalito, Palo Alto, Berkeley and Oakland! If you're like me, you literally can't get enough of the Bay area (which is why I keep coming back to visit).

This is little me in 2014 🙊 and grown-up me 🤔 just a month ago

This windy city of SF never disappoints - from the colorful houses to the diversity of neighborhoods to the scenic hikes to the never-ending amazing restaurants to try (and if you know me, of course to absolutely NO shortage of BOBA)!

Here's a list of my top restaurants:

1) Ozumo (Japanese)

2) Hakkasan (Chinese/Cantonese)

3) Boudin Bakery & Cafe at Pier 39 (yes - I’m not even kidding... BEST clam chowder! Plus you get to choose what shape bread bowl you want (which is really fun)! I picked a bear sourdough bread bowl - see photo below

4) Auberge du Soleil (okay so this one is actually in Napa Valley - but if you’re up there you have to - I repeat, HAVE TO - try this Michelin-star restaurant!

Since we got to Napa, I have another one for ya!

5) Bottega

Okay well enough about food (for now), let's see what else this amazing city has to offer 👀

Alright alright - you can call me a tourist as much as you want, but I did the walk across the Golden Gate bridge!

Fun fact: It's only 1.7 miles! Think about if you biked that 🚲

Also if you're looking for KILLER views of the Golden Gate bridge, definitely head to Marin Headlands 🤗 📸

Can we talk about the amazing colorful houses?

I think it just adds so much more character

Pictured here is my bestie - Carmen, stopping to smell da roses 👃🏼🌹

Bay area hikes with beautiful views


Oakland Bay Bridge

If you fancy an estate out in Los Gatos - check out Regale Winery and Vineyards

I'm always excited to come back and visit this city. Whenever I'm there I feel like I'm racing around trying to fit everything in - but there's never quite enough time. And I've lived in southern California for 7 years and visited the Bay a LOT. It's the tech scene, mixed with the hungry entrepreneurial vibes, the cutting edge EVERYTHING, innovate ideas floating around everywhere, Chinese food that's actually authentic, not to mention the close vicinity to all the wineries 😋 🍷 🍇

If you're still looking for more reasons, read this Buzzfeed article.

This list could pretty much go on & on. But to sum up, it's the je ne sais quoi.

The buzz here is truly indescribable.

Until next time SF 👋🏽