• Stephanie Tan

Bali baby

So I know I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, and I can blame it on a multitude of things – moving apartments, starting a new job, falling into a mundane daily routine, not traveling – but to put it simply, I just didn’t make the time to write (which is a shame).

Let me tell you about the most recent trip I went on to Southeast Asia. Can you guess where I went? Yup – back home to Singapore! After Singapore, I was lucky enough to spend another week in the beautiful island of Bali.

On a separate note - Why don't adults get summer break? #notfair

But for those lucky few who have the luxury to travel - listen up!

Planning a last minute summer getaway?

Well, keep reading! Of course I’m biased and I’d say go visit Singapore if you haven’t visited the little red dot before. Yes, Singapore is officially known as “The Little Red Dot” in reference to how our nation is depicted on world maps as a red dot. And yes, hence the name of my blog - BUT I will tell you to consider Bali, along with a lot of reasons why. But if all that’s not enough, let me show you some pictures that quite frankly speak for themselves and truly show you how beautiful this island really is.

Summer in Southeast Asia

1) So many things to eat, see and experience

Life is better on the island

"People who love to eat are always the best people." -Julia Child

2) COFFEE. Incredible coffee plantations!

You get to try the world’s most expensive coffee - that's made from wait for it... cat poop! (I'm not even kidding, you guys it's from a civet, which is a catlike creature). See picture below.

Coffee tasting in Ubud - you just have to do it!

These coffee farms are literally in the middle of the rainforests.

3) Wanna walk on the bottom of the ocean and adventure underwater? Try Sea Walking!

4) Incredible temples and beautiful architecture

5) Monkey Forest!

Found a monkey!

When life give you lemons...

I could think of a hundred more reasons why you should visit Bali!

If you want to find paradise or go on a tropical getaway, this is definitely the spot.

So I promise to not only write more, but to adventure more!