• Stephanie Tan

February 14th

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! :)

Whether you're celebrating Valentines, Galentines or even Single Awareness Day,

hope today will be a fun, pressure-free day filled with love for each and everyone of you!

Doesn't matter if you're taken, going out on a hot date, having a girls night with your besties OR even flying solo - Valentine's Day is always a day filled with all things sweet! Not to mention, it's a perfect excuse to get all dolled up.

Pictured below: Nails did and going to be sporting this cute little dazzly pink clutch from Miu Miu.

I think the pink might have been a limited/seasonal color, but here's a similar shoulder bag/clutch available in burgundy, cameo and navy.

Okay, okay - yes, it is an extremely over-commercialized holiday. I get that -

but let's be real, we all secretly love this day.

Am I right?

From the chocolate and candies to the flowers and teddy bears and greeting cards - I'm not gonna lie, I love it all!

Call me a hopeless romantic.

But I'm all for not celebrating love just specifically on February 14th itself.

Don't get me wrong, everyone should celebrate this day but I personally think people should

show love all year round! Romantic gestures does not have to wait for Valentines Day to come around.

So whatever it is you're doing today to celebrate - whether you're recreating a second first date, going to dinner and a movie,

a bar/wine crawl or even having yourself fa relaxing spa day, I hope you all

celebrate the love you have in your beautiful lives.


Stay tuned for the next blog post - I still have to tell you guys

all about my trip back home to Singapore, along with a pitstop somewhere tropical ;)

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