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Why December is my favorite month

Why is December my favorite month? Well, it is my birthday month - I just turned 24 on December 2nd. Happy birthday to all the December babies out there! But on to the other reasons why December is the best.

First of, it's the holiday season! No no, I'm not talking about the presents (although yes, I will get to that), but all the quality bonding time with friends and family! And for some of us who live in places that have all four seasons - you already know... SNOW! There's nothing more magical than snow during this time of year. And the pretty lights, decorations and Christmas trees all around town - oh what fun!

Not only do we get cozy nights, but cozy days too! This means oversized sweaters, fuzzy socks, warm blankets, and yes - a little too much time spent indoors. But, what better time is there to read that book (or rather books) that you've been meaning to read for months?

Tyler Knott Gregson and Lang Leav are two of my absolute favorite authors/poets - if you haven't read their works, I highly recommend giving it a read!

Alcoh- I mean CHOCOHOLICS - Not to mention a perfectly valid excuse to drink ridiculous amounts of hot chocolate and have it be acceptable (my personal favorite is Baileys hot cocoa). How do I make mine? Well, it's real simple - literally those two things in itself- Baileys & hot chocolate!

I'm guilty of buying the pre-made Swiss miss hot chocolate mix and just adding Baileys, but of course if you're after more intricate/homemade recipes I would definitely recommend checking out the hot chocolate recipes on Pinterest!

And yes, I'm finally getting to the most exciting part of the holiday season - PRESENTS.

Need gift ideas for a Christmas/work/holiday/white elephant party?

You got it! Here's a list of gift ideas that are perfect for the holidays.

1) Christmas crackers

Okay, so growing up in Singapore EVERYONE did this - or at least every family I knew). But I've recently come to find out it's not a typical tradition in America to have these Christmas crackers on trees! Which I believe is a shame... Still don't know what they are? Scroll down to see a picture of what I won from my white elephant party (Christmas crackers included).

They're these beautifully wrapped cardboard cracker thingies (excuse my eloquent verbage here but I really don't know how else to describe them). Every Christmas for me, the gift opening is usually accompanied with the pulling of Christmas crackers. For the longest time (who am I kidding I actually still do it) I would pull as hard as I could to win the little prize and paper crown that's inside the cracker. Also what I love about it is it always comes with a little joke inside or a riddle of some sort.

2) Stockings

Filled with all sorts of goodies (stuff your Christmas stockings with thought)

3) Sparkling wine

4) Snowglobe photo frame

I actually just bought one of these from Urban Outfitters that I'm obsessed with so I thought I'd share the link :)

So even if you're some place where it's not snowing, you can have your own personal mini winter wonderland!

5) Ugly Christmas sweater

Because who are we kidding? Despite its name, these "ugly sweaters" are actually pretty darn cute.

Okay, so I originally thought I had a lot more than 5 gift ideas... but hopefully this helps!


Stay tuned - my next blog post is going to be on whimsical winter getaways and where I'll be spending my Christmas holiday.


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