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What are you passionate about? What drives and motivates you every single day? Whether it’s your career, practice or even a hobby – make sure you go out and do it. Don’t have the time? Well, there’s no such thing. You always have time for something you’re truly passionate about - and if not, make time. And if you find that you can't, perhaps that isn't your true calling. I can’t stress the importance of setting aside time for a healthy work-life balance.

Don’t know what your something is? That’s perfectly fine (I’ll let you in on a secret – most people don’t). That’s the reason why I started The Traveling Dot. I’ve got a serious case of the traveling bug, or what we modern day folk refer to as wanderlust. And whilst dotting away, embarking on my travel journey and foodie escapades, I would love nothing more than to share my adventures with the world. 

Traveling the world one dot at a time & guiding people to happier tummies.


August 21, 2018

The Cute Food Phenomenon

Okay - so in restaurants and cafes all over Asia, there's TONS of cute foods with faces on them shaped like bears and based on cartoons, pop culture characters and more! Hehe I should know - I grew up with tons of cute foodz.

Okay okay fine this...

August 12, 2018

Sundays are made for Brunchin'

Happy Sunday, folks!

Join me as I embark on my new foodie diaries every week 😋🍴

This weekend's spot is called Great Maple. It gets pretty packed very quickly but their service is amazing. Before they seat you, they have drinks while you wa...

March 1, 2018

Reflect on this past year and take a moment to celebrate all of your successes and appreciate the challenges thrown your way. For me, 2017 involved a lot of learning, growth and taking chances. 

One of my favorite quotes: 

You are the people you've met, the books you'v...

December 21, 2017

Everybody - we are just 5 days away from Christmas! 

Who's excited for the holidays? Me!! Vacation time, fam time, stockings, presents, treats and lots and lots of peppermint bark! 

'Tis the season to be snuggly fa la la la la ...

Think hot cocoa, oversized swea...

August 2, 2017

City by the Bay

There’s something magical about this city. I don’t know if it’s the energy that people exude, which in turn, feeds more good energy, but you just feel that extra something in this city. 

There's so much to explore! And you can find yourself stumbling acro...

July 28, 2017

Tropical Getaway - Bali & Singapore

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! :)

January 12, 2017

Road tripping the West Coast. California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah!

January 5, 2017

Happy New Year! It's officially 2017 :) Hope your dreams, aspirations and resolutions come true and may 2017 be an exciting year for you.

December 27, 2016

Hi all! Wanted to wish you lovelies happy holidays & hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. And as promised, here's an update from my whimsical Christmas getaway.

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